Workshops 2019

Orgasmic Yoga Workshop


September 28

Orgasmic Yoga is an intimate and transformative discipline with a focus on pleasure and eroticism. The intention of most practitioners is to develop or reclaim erotic capacities. Some individuals practice to savor the awesome feelings in their body. Thus, Orgasmic Yoga is both profound somatic education and embodied meditation. […]



Sensual Massage Workshop


October 5

One of the most recommended and important techniques in an advanced sexuality, as a couple, is to give and receive sensual massage. You will learn and experience a new, seductive and ecstatic way of living your relationship, installing in your and  your partner body the knowledge of how to give and receive the Taoist Erotic Massage and the Tantric Massage; by the perspective and methodology of the Sexological Bodywork. […]


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from May 24 to June 10




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