Why women have more to gain from Tantra?

Often, after a session my client comments: “You should teach men how to touch a woman, no one really know how to”. Or when I speak about Tantra, women often comment: “You should inform men of all this!” After almost three years of body work all around the world, my answer has transformed into “the men that fluctuate around you is what lies inside of you”. When the woman awakens her erotic divine potential, men around her are different. If you are interested in following this advice, don’t wait for men to change. Change yourself. When you understand what are you capable of achieving, and what you like, then the mood and frequency of the exchanges you have will change.

80% percent of men declare to be satisfied with their sexual lives. Why should they bother in changing then? On the other hand, only 30% of women declare themselves satisfied and have a great interest in being active.

There are several reasons for this kind of sexuality. First, the conventional way seems perfect for the male, given their instinctive attitude and physical pleasure; simple and quick. Secondly, it seems there is no alternative and the woman is stuck in a pattern of habit, thus she doubts herself, her body, and ends up forgetting her own pleasure.

Behind all this, the scars of centuries of violence, abuse, physical and psychological submission become apparent, given the cultural, social and religious heritage so far regarding women and femininity.

In my opinion, the winds are changing and given the cyclical, ever expanding nature of things, the force of the feminine principle will regain equilibrium with the masculine principle of modern times. The rising number of awake females will broaden the female consciousness and it will be the beginning of a new era, in search of balance.

This is why I talk about Tantra as an alternative to conventional sexuality. The way to rediscover your forgotten inner goddess.

Tantric folk where a matriarchal community where women were considered goddesses. All women knew how to use the vital energy of sexuality to further their wellbeing and channeling spiritual practices. They received a special education for this purpose since their teenage years. Tantra encompasses a great deal of information regarding sexuality through its physical, emotional and energetic aspects.

We are naturally sensual beings, though the woman possesses a greater quality: the ability to channel energy to the extent of achieving a state of ecstasy and connecting to the divine.


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